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Calculation of a resistance value from the combination of 2 resistors

Anyone who deals with electronic circuits knows the problem: you need a certain resistance value that either doesn’t exist as such or you don’t have it in the range. So you combine two existing ones in a series circuit or a parallel circuit and find out which combined resistor value comes closest to what you want. The program CQT2Resistors, which runs under Windows, finds the answer. It selects the optimal combination from a list of given resistances.

CQT2Resistors in action :: wanted resistor has 7784 Ohm, best result: parallel circuit of the 8.2 kOhm and 150 kOhm resistors from the given series of resistors


The essential functions of CQT2Resistors:

  • It comes with 7 standard resistor lists (E3 to E192).
  • You can also create and save your own resistor lists (typically the range of resistors you currently have).

  • CQT2Resistors determines the resistance values from the given resistance list that come closest to the desired value in a series and parallel circuits.
  • The resistance values found are displayed with their color coding (including the tolerance band).
  • The result is output in a log window, including deviations from the target value.
  • The result can be copied to the clipboard and saved in a file.

  • The number of bands is selectable (4 or 5 bands).
  • The tolerance value is selectable (0.05{6e53f28f15c7aedbaa857642325217e9bd68f5fa8e03ad4ef47e254a12fa2d5c} to 10{6e53f28f15c7aedbaa857642325217e9bd68f5fa8e03ad4ef47e254a12fa2d5c}).

Licensing and usage are pretty simple:

  1. Download the trial version (CQT2Resistors.zip, approx. 1 MB).
  2. Unpack the .zip file on your Windows PC in a directory of your choice, e.g. c:\CQT2.
  3. Start the CQT2Resistors.exe program in this directory (e.g. double-click on c:\CQT2\CQT2Resistors.exe in Windows File Explorer).
    No installation is necessary (i.e. no registry entries, no internet connection required for operation). The program can be run immediately. You don’t need to read a manual. The program is self-explanatory.
    CQT2Resistors initially runs in evaluation mode, which allows all functions of the program to be used. The evaluation mode ends after a certain period (displayed at startup).
  4. If you want to continue using the program, buy here a license.
    You will then receive a license file by email, which you can copy to the installation directory (e.g. c:\CQT2). CQT2Resistors then runs in licensed mode with no time usage restrictions.
    The CQT2Resistors license is restricted to a single named user.

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